Dialogue Alley

Is That Real or a Movie Prop?

March 14, 2022 Carly, Erik, and Melanie Season 2 Episode 7
Dialogue Alley
Is That Real or a Movie Prop?
Show Notes

Thanks for listening to season 2, episode 7 of Dialogue Alley! In this episode, Erik, and Carly talk about:

  • News: The Harry Potter Specialist, New Japanese Covers, New Estonian Covers
  • Main Topic: Collecting Harry Potter Movie Props
  • Translation of the Show: Slovene / Slovenian 

Hosted by:

  • Carly  @alltheprettybooks on Instagram  
  • Erik  @knockturnerik on Instagram 
  • Melanie @theharrypottercollection on Instagram

Images of books that are discussed on this episode will be available on Instagram @dialogueallypodcast, as well as alltheprettybooks.net and theharrypottercollection.com

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